“Ball im Savoy” – the operetta at the Theater Lübeck!

“Ball im Savoy” is an operetta in three acts and a prelude by Paul Abraham. The libretto was written by Alfred Grünwald and Fritz Löhner-Beda. The Theater Lübeck will perform “Ball im Savoy” for the first time during the 2018/2019 season. Star guest Angelika Milster will be playing the role of Tangolita, an Argentinean dancer, on the following performance days: 1st Sept. 2018, 15th Sept. 2018, 9th Nov. 2018, 31st Dec. 2018, 13th Mar. 2019 and 6th Apr. 2019.

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“Hoffnung” – The Christmas church concert with organ accompaniment

17 years ago, Angelika Milster’s producer Andre Bauer came up with the idea to create a new kind of church concert experience. A crossover program, which meant to include not only sacred songs and arias, but also musical songs, pop classics and country music. The idea was met with wide spread skepticism. Nevertheless, Mr. Bauer kept on pursuing the concept and entered a collaboration with Angelika Milster’s pianist Juergen Grimm (winner of the 2001 international “jazz and church organ” competition).

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“Im weißen Rössl (White Horse Inn)” – the operetta at the Renaissance Theater Berlin!

The operetta “Im weißen Rössl” is the most frequently performed music theatre piece of all times. Based on Oscar Blumenthal’s and Gustav Kadelburg’s comedy by the same name, Ralph Benatzky created an immortal, eternally young masterpiece in 1930. “Im weißen Rössl” broke and continues to break all records. Angelika Milster will be a guest at “Im weißen Rössl” on the stage of the Renaissance Theater Berlin from the end of June 2018 onwards!

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Angelika Milster - Du hast mir Glück gebracht (offizielles Video)
03 Oct 2018 Sunset Boulevard Altenburg, Thüringen Theater Altenburg Theater Altenburg Buy ticket
05 Oct 2018 Milster singt Musical  Kleve Stadthalle Kleve Stadthalle Kleve Buy ticket
06 Oct 2018 Milster singt Musical  Arnsberg Kulturzentrum Hüsten Kulturzentrum Hüsten Buy ticket
07 Oct 2018 Milster singt Musical  Euskirchen Euskirchener Theater Euskirchener Theater Buy ticket
11 Oct 2018 Milster singt Musical  Husum MHC Messe Husum & Congress MHC Messe Husum & Congress Buy ticket
12 Oct 2018 Milster singt Musical  Itzehoe theater itzehoe theater itzehoe Buy ticket
13 Oct 2018 Milster singt Musical  Emsdetten Stroetmanns Fabrik / Bürgersaal Stroetmanns Fabrik / Bürgersaal Buy ticket
14 Oct 2018 Milster singt Musical  Paderborn PaderHalle PaderHalle Buy ticket
19 Oct 2018 Milster singt Musical  Leverkusen FORUM Leverkusen FORUM Leverkusen Buy ticket
20 Oct 2018 Milster singt Musical  Düsseldorf Savoy Theater Savoy Theater Buy ticket
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Angelika Milster – the musical theatre diva

Angelika Milster – a name synonymous with everything exceptional, unique, flamboyant and extraordinary – a diva.

Angelika Milster was born in Neustrelitz and grew up in Hamburg. She began taking singing lessons when she was just twelve years old and attended Margot Höpfner’s celebrated acting school between 1968 and 1971. Her film debut in “Meine Sorgen möcht‘ ich haben” gained her the Ernst Lubitsch-Preis as early as 1975.

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