The operetta “Im weißen Rössl” is the most frequently performed music theatre piece of all times. Based on Oscar Blumenthal’s and Gustav Kadelburg’s comedy by the same name, Ralph Benatzky created an immortal, eternally young masterpiece in 1930. “Im weißen Rössl” broke and continues to break all records. Angelika Milster will be a guest at “Im weißen Rössl” on the stage of the Renaissance Theater Berlin from the end of June 2018 onwards!

“The Salzkammergut is the place to make merry!” This is something guests from the far north who dream of the alpine idyll by Lake Wolfgang in Ralph Benatsky’s cult musical comedy are adamant about. A place where happiness is just around the corner and you lose your heart to the beat of a waltz.

The waiter Leopold undauntedly tries to woo his boss, the landlady Josepha Vogelhuber, who, however, has an eye on the lawyer Dr. Siedler. The latter is a regular at the “Weißes Rössl”, much to the displeasure of Leopold, for whom it would be the most wonderful thing in the world to be loved by his beautiful boss. For the time being, however, she has her hands full – with the guests, the Piccolo, the Dr. Siedler and finally His Majesty, the Emperor, who just wishes to stay in her house.

Poster motif “Im weißen Rössl” by Boris Aljinovic

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